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901 GB/T 12616-1990 封闭型沉头抽芯铆钉 120 deg flush head break mandrel closed end blind rivets

902 GB/T 12617-1990 开口型沉头抽芯铆钉 120 deg flush head break mandrel blind rivets

903 GB/T 12618-1990 开口型扁圆头抽芯铆钉 Mushroom head break mandrel blind rivets

904 GB/T 12619-1990 抽芯铆钉 技术条件 Specifications for break mandrel blind rivets

905 GB/T 12621-1990 管法兰垫片 应力松弛试验方法 Test method for stress relaxation of gaskets for pipe flanges

906 GB/T 12622-1990 管法兰垫片 压缩率及回弹率试验方法 Test method for compressibility and recorery of gaskets for pipe flanges

907 GB/T 12759-1991 双圆弧圆柱齿轮基本齿廓 Double-circular-arc tooth profile of basic rack for cylindrical gears

908 GB/T 12760-1991 圆柱蜗杆、蜗轮图样上应注明的尺寸数据 Cylindrical worm and wormwheel information of the dimensional data to be given on the drawing

909 GB/T 12764-1991 滚动轴承 冲压外圈滚针轴承外形尺寸方案 Rolling bearings—Needle roller bearings, drawn cup, without inner ring—Boundary dimension plan

910 GB/T 12765-1991 关节轴承 安装尺寸 Spherical plain bearings, joint type—Abutment and fillet dimensions

911 GB/T 12948-1991 滑动轴承 双金属结合强度破坏性试验方法 Plain bearings—Metallic multilay er plain bearings—Destructive testing of bond for bearing metals

912 GB/T 12949-1991 滑动轴承 覆有减摩塑料层的双金属轴套 Plain bearings—Bimetallic bushes with plastic overlay

913 GB/T 13345-1992 轧机油膜轴承通用技术条件 General technical requirement of oil film bearing for rolling mill

914 GB/T 13401-1992 钢板制对焊管件 Steel plate butt-welding pipe fittings

915 GB/T 13402-1992 大直径碳钢管法兰 Large-diameter carbon steel pipe flanges

916 GB/T 13403-1992 大直径碳钢管法兰用垫片 Gaskets for large-diameter cabon steel pipe flanges

917 GB/T 13404-1992 管法兰用聚四氟乙烯包复垫片 Polytetrafluoroethylene envelope gaskets for pipe flanges

918 GB/T 13405-1992 汽车V带轮 Grooved pulleys for automotive V-belt

919 GB/T 13575.1-1992 带传动--普通V带传动 Belt drives—Classical V-belt drives

920 GB/T 13575.2-1992 带传动--窄V带传动 Belt drives—Narrow V-belt drives

921 GB/T 13672-1992 齿轮胶合承载能力试验方法 Standard test method for scuffing load capacity of gears

922 GB/T 13680-1992 焊接方螺母 Square weld nuts

923 GB/T 13681-1992 焊接六角螺母 Hexagon weld nuts

924 GB/T 13682-1992 螺纹紧固件轴向载荷疲劳试验方法 Axial load fatigue testing for threaded fasteners

925 GB/T 13683-1992 销 剪切试验方法 Pins and grooved pins—Shear test

926 GB/T 13799-1992 双圆弧圆柱齿轮承载能力计算方法 Methods of the calculation for load capacity of cylindrical gear with double-circular-arc tooth profile

927 GB/T 13806.1-1992 精密机械用紧固件 十字槽螺钉 Fasteners for fine mechanics--Cross recessed screws

928 GB/T 13806.2-1992 精密机械用紧固件 十字槽自攻螺钉 刮削端 Fasteners for fine mechanics--Cross recessed tapping screws--Scrape point

929 GB/T 13807.1-1992 腰状杆螺柱连接副 型式分类 Connections with waisted stud--Tape classification

930 GB/T 13829.1-1992 槽销 平行沟槽 Grooved pins--Parallel grooved

931 GB/T 13829.2-1992 槽销 锥槽 Grooved pins--Taper grooved

932 GB/T 13829.3-1992 槽销 圆头、沉头 Grooved pins--With round head or countersunk head

933 GB/T 13924-1992 渐开线圆柱齿轮精度检验规范 Inspection code for accuracy of involute cylindrical gears

934 GB/T 13927-1992 通用阀门 压力试验 Pressure testing for general purpose valves

935 GB/T 13932-1992 通用阀门铁制旋启式止回阀 General purpose industrial valves--Cast iron swing check valves

936 GB/T 14118-1993 谐波传动减速器 Harmonic drive reducers

937 GB/T 14210-1993 墙板自攻螺钉 Dry wall screws

938 GB/T 14212-1993 摩托车链条 Motorcycle chains

939 GB/T 14229-1993 齿轮接触疲劳强度试验方法 Standard of test method for surface load capacity of gears

940 GB/T 14230-1993 齿轮弯曲疲劳强度试验方法 Standard of test methed for bending load capacity of gears

941 GB/T 14231-1993 齿轮装置效率测定方法 Determination of efficiency for gear units

942 GB/T 14382-1993 管道用三通过滤器 Tee strainers for fluids for pipes

943 GB/T 14383-1993 锻钢制承插焊管件 Forged steel socket welding pipe fittings

944 GB/T 14525-1993 波纹金属软管通用技术条件 General specification for corrugated metallic hose assemblies

945 GB/T 14626-1993 锻钢制螺纹管件 Forged steel threaded pipe fittings

946 GB/T 14910-1994 滑动轴承 厚壁多层轴承衬背技术要求 Plain bearings--Requirements on backings for thick-walled multilayer bearings

947 GB/T 15096-1994 液粘调速离合器 Hydroviscous variable speed clutch

948 GB/T 15185-1994 铁制和铜制球阀 Cast iron and copper alloy ball valves

949 GB/T 15188.1-1994 阀门的结构长度 对焊连接阀门 Face-to-face, centre-to-face, end-to-end and centre-to-end dimensions of valves--Buttwelding valves

950 GB/T 15188.2-1994 阀门的结构长度 对夹连接阀门 Face-to-face, centre-to-face, end-to-end and centre-to-end dimensions of valves--Wafer valves

951 GB/T 15188.3-1994 阀门的结构长度 内螺纹连接阀门 Face-to-face, centre-to-face, end-to-end and centre-to-end dimensions of valves--Female screw valves

952 GB/T 15188.4-1994 阀门的结构长度 外螺纹连接阀门 Face-to-face, centre-to-face, end-to-end and centre-to end dimensions of valves--Mals screw valves

953 GB 15382-1994 气瓶阀通用技术条件 General technique specifications for cylinder valves

954 GB 15383-1994 气瓶阀出气口连接型式和尺寸 Outlet connections and sizes for cylinder valves

955 GB/T 15389-1994 螺杆 Threaded rods

956 GB/T 15390-1994 工程用钢制焊接弯板链和链轮 Welded steel type cranked link mill chains and chain wheels

957 GB/T 15530.1-1995 铜合金整体铸造法兰 Cast copper alloy integral flanges

958 GB/T 15530.2-1995 铜合金对焊法兰 Copper alloy welding neck flanges

959 GB/T 15530.3-1995 铜合金板式平焊法兰 Copper alloy plate flanges for brazing or welding

960 GB/T 15530.4-1995 铜合金带颈平焊法兰 Copper alloy hubbed slip-on flanges for brazing or welding

961 GB/T 15530.5-1995 铜合金平焊环松套板式钢法兰 Loose plate steel flanges with copper alloy plate collar for brazing or welding

962 GB/T 15530.6-1995 铜合金对焊环松套板式钢法兰 Loose plate steel flanges with copper alloy welding neck collar

963 GB/T 15530.7-1995 铜合金法兰盖 Copper alloy blank flanges

964 GB/T 15530.8-1995 铜合金及复合法兰 技术条件 Specifications for copper alloy and composite flanges

965 GB/T 15531-1995 带传动 带轮 中心距调整极限值 Belt drives--Pulleys--Limiting values for adjustment of centres

966 GB/T 15601-1995 管法兰用金属包覆垫片 Metallic envelope gaskets for pipe flanges

967 GB/T 15700-1995 聚四氟乙烯波纹补偿器通用技术条件 General specification for polytetrafluoroethylene bellows compensators

968 GB/T 15752-1995 圆弧圆柱齿轮基本术语 Terminology of circular-arc gear

969 GB/T 15753-1995 圆弧圆柱齿轮精度 Accuracy of cylindrical gear with circular-arc tooth profile

970 GB/T 15758-1995 花键基本术语 Basic terminology of spline

971 GB/T 15828-1995 V带和多楔带传动 节线位置的动态测定 V-and ribbed belt--Dynamic test to determine Pitch zone location

972 GB/T 15855.1-1995 扁圆头击芯铆钉 Flat round head drive rivets

973 GB/T 15855.2-1995 沉头击芯铆钉 Countersunk head drive rivets

974 GB/T 15855.3-1995 击芯铆钉技术条件 Specifications for drive rivets

975 GB/T 15856.1-1995 十字槽盘头自钻自攻螺钉 Cross recessed pan head self-drilling tapping screws

976 GB/T 15856.2-1995 十字槽沉头自钻自攻螺钉 Cross recessed countersunk head self-drilling tapping screws

977 GB/T 15856.3-1995 十字槽半沉头自钻自攻螺钉 Cross recessed raised countersunk head self-drilling tapping screws

978 GB/T 15856.4-1995 六角法兰面自钻自攻螺钉 Hexagon flange head self-drilling tapping screws

979 GB/T 16442-1996 平面二次包络环面蜗杆传动术语 Planar double-enveloping worm gearing terminology

980 GB/T 16443-1996 平面二次包络环面蜗杆传动几何要素代号 Planar double--enveloping worm gearing geometrical data symbols

981 GB/T 16444-1996 平面二次包络环面蜗杆减速器系列、润滑和承载能力 Planar double-enveloping worm gearsreducer-dimensions and load capacitys

982 GB/T 16445-1996 平面二次包络环面蜗杆传动精度 Planar double-enveloping worm gearing accuracy

983 GB/T 16446-1996 平面二次包络环面蜗杆减速器技术条件 Planar double-enveloping worm gearing reducer technical specification

984 GB/T 16643-1996 滚动轴承 滚针和推力圆柱滚子组合轴承 外形尺寸 Rolling bearings--Combined needle roller thrust roller bearings--Boundary dimensions

985 GB/T 16674-1996 六角法兰面螺栓 小系列 Hexagon flange bolts--Small series

986 GB/T 16748-1997 滑动轴承 金属轴承材料的压缩试验 Plain bearings--Compression testing of metallic bearing materials

987 GB/T 3481-1997 齿轮轮齿磨损和损伤术语 Cears--Wear and damage to gear teeth--Terminology

988 GB/T 16823.1-1997 螺纹紧固件应力截面积和承载面积 Stress area and bearing area for threaded fasteners

989 GB/T 16823.2-1997 螺纹紧固件紧固通则 General rules of tightening for threaded fasteners

990 GB/T 16823.3-1997 螺纹紧固件拧紧试验方法 Method of tightening test for threaded fasteners

991 GB/T 16824.1-1997 六角凸缘自攻螺钉 Hexagon head tapping screws with collar

992 GB/T 16824.2-1997 六角法兰面自攻螺钉 Hexagon flange head tapping screws

993 GB/T 16848-1997 直廓环面蜗杆、蜗轮精度 Accuracy of double enveloping worm gearing with straight line generatrix

994 GB/T 5858-1997 重载传动用弯板滚子链和链轮 Heavy-duty cranked-link transmission roller chains and chain wheels

995 GB/T 1243-1997 短节距传动用精密滚子链和链轮 Short pitch transmission precision roller chains and chain wheels

996 GB/T 3931-1997 联轴器 术语 Coupling--Vocabulary

997 GB/T 1568-1997 键 技术条件 Technical specifications for keys

998 GB/T 271-1997 滚动轴承 分类 Rolling bearings--Classification

999 GB/T 16922-1997 薄型楔键及其键槽 Thin taper reys and their corresponding keyways

1000 GB/T 16940-1997 直线运动支承 直线运动球轴承 外形尺寸和公差 Linear motion bearings--Linear motion ball bearings--Boundary dimensions and tolerances

1001 GB/T 16938-1997 紧固件 螺栓、螺钉、螺柱和螺母通用技术条件 Fasteners--General requirements for blots,screws,studs and nuts

1002 GB/T 16939-1997 钢网架螺栓球节点用高强度螺栓 High strength bolts for joints of space grid structures

1003 GB/T 5279.2-1997 沉头螺钉 第2部分: 十字槽插入深度 Countersunk flat head screws--Part 2: Penetration depth of cross recesses

1004 GB/T 819.2-1997 十字槽沉头螺钉 第2部分: 钢8.8、不锈钢A2-70和有色金属CU2或CU3 Cross recessed countersunk flat head screws(common head style)--Grade A--Part 2: Steel of property class 8.8,stainless and non-ferrous metals

1005 GB/T 96-1985 大垫圈-A和C级 Plain washers--Large series--Product grades A and C

1006 GB/T 97.1-1985 平垫圈-A级 Plain washers--Normal series--Product grade A

1007 GB/T 97.2-1985 平垫圈 倒角型-A级 Plain washers--Chamfered--Normal series--Product grade A

1008 GB/T 98-1988 止动垫圈技术条件 Specification for tab washer

1009 GB/T 99-1986 开槽圆头木螺钉 Slotted round head wood screws

1010 GB/T 100-1986 开槽沉头木螺钉 Slotted countersink head wood screws

1011 GB/T 101-1986 开槽半沉头木螺钉 Slotted raised countersunk head wood screws

1012 GB/T 102-1986 六角头木螺钉 Hexagon head wood screws

1013 GB/T 109-1986 平头铆钉 Flat head rivets

1014 GB/T 116-1986 铆钉技术条件 Specifications for rivet

1015 GB/T 117-1986 圆锥销 Taper pins

1016 GB/T 118-1986 内螺纹圆锥销 Taper pins with internal thread

1017 GB/T 119-1986 圆柱销 Parallel pins

1018 GB/T 120-1986 内螺纹圆柱销 Parallel pins with internal thread

1019 GB/T 121-1986 销技术条件 Specifications for pins

1020 GB/T 152.1-1988 紧固件 铆钉用通孔 Fasteners--Clearance holes for rivets

1021 GB/T 152.2-1988 紧固件 沉头用沉孔 Fasteners--Countersinks for countersunk head serews

1022 GB/T 152.3-1988 紧固件 圆柱头用沉孔 Fasteners--Counterbores for hexagon socket head serewsand slotted cheese head screws

1023 GB/T 152.4-1988 紧固件 六角头螺栓和六角螺母用沉孔 Fasteners--Counterbores for hexagon bolts and nuts

1026 GB/T 17116.3-1997 管道支吊架 第3部分: 中间连接件和建筑结构连接件 Pipe supports and hangers Part 3: Middle connection attachments and building structure attachments

1027 GB/T 3852-1997 联轴器轴孔和联结型式与尺寸 Types and dimension for coupling bores and their connection

1028 GB/T 17185-1997 钢制法兰管件 Steel pipe fittings for flanged joint

1029 GB/T 17186-1997 钢制管法兰连接强度计算方法 Calculating method for strength of steel pipe flanged joint

1030 GB/T 17197-1997 带传动 联组普通V带轮(有效宽度制) Belt drives--Grooved pulleys for joined classical V-belts (effective system)

1031 GB/T 11356.1-1997 带传动 普通及窄V带传动用带轮(基准宽度制) 槽形检验 Belt drives--Pulleys for classical and narrow V-belts drives(system based on datum width)--Geometrical inspection of grooves

1032 GB/T 11356.2-1997 带传动 普通及窄V带传动用带轮(有效宽度制) 槽形检验 Belt drives--Pulleys for classical and narrow V-belts drives(system based effective width)--Geometrical inspection of grooves

1033 GB/T 3480-1997 渐开线圆柱齿轮承载能力计算方法 Calculation methods of load capacity for involute cylindrical gears

1034 GB/T 17241.1-1998 铸铁管法兰 类型 Synotic table for cast iron pipe flanges

1035 GB/T 17241.2-1998 铸铁管法兰盖 Cast iron pipe blank flanges

1036 GB/T 17241.3-1998 带颈螺纹铸铁管法兰 Hubbed threaded cast iron pipe flanges

1037 GB/T 17241.4-1998 带颈平焊和带颈承插焊铸铁管法兰 Hubbed slip-on-welding and hubbed socket welding cast iron pipe flanges

1038 GB/T 17241.5-1998 管端翻边带颈松套铸铁管法兰 Loose hubbed cast iron pipe flanges for lapped pipe end

1039 GB/T 17241.6-1998 整体铸铁管法兰 Integral cast iron pipe flanges

1040 GB/T 17241.7-1998 铸铁管法兰 技术条件 Specifications for cast iron pipe flanges

1041 GB/T 8464-1998 水暖用内螺纹连接阀门 Valves with female screw ends for water-heating system

1042 GB/T 273.2-1998 滚动轴承 推力轴承 外形尺寸总方案 Rolling bearings--Thrust bearings--Boundary dimensions,general plan

1043 GB/T 7813-1998 滚动轴承附件 轴承座 外形尺寸 Rolling bearings accessories--Plummer block housings--Boundary dimensions

1044 GB/T 290-1998 滚动轴承 冲压外圈滚针轴承 外形尺寸 Rolling bearings--Needle roller bearings, drawn cup without inner rings--Boundary dimensions

1045 GB/T 305-1998 滚动轴承 外圈上的止动槽和止动环 尺寸和公差 Rolling bearings--Snap ring groove and snap ring on outer ring--Dimensions and tolerances

1046 GB/T 801-1998 小半圆头低方颈螺栓 B级 Cup head square neck bolts with small head and short neck--Product grade B

1047 GB/T 14-1998 大半圆头方颈螺栓 C级 Cup head square neck bolts with large head--Product grade C

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